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VC++ Project Files
when i create a c++ console project, some files automatically generated in the project directory e.g...

Basic Fully Functional Calculator
hmmm good. very basic but you are only 12 years old so this is very good program. keep it up

Ignore all input after the first char
instead of [code]char ansPlay[/code] use [code]string ansPlay[/code] and use [code]ansPlay[0] == 'Y...

i need your help with 25 min plz
check this [code]void main() { float F[6] = {3,5,12,32,20,100}; float C[6]; for(int i = 0 ; i <...

Display formatting
this is to display stars in descending [code]int star; cout<<"Enter Stars = "; cin>>star; int t...

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