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Bio:I am a patriot and I love the flag of France. Back here on earth as our planet is facing an environment crisis, as our climate could be uninhabitable in our children or grandchildren's lifetime, we need a strong sign, a flag to join us to combat not just as countries, however as responsible citizens. We don't require flag codes that penalize people over a piece of fabric. We can superhumanize a flag and make it a god. How different is that from blind faith? To respect a flag, all we require is an idea that is symbolic to humanity and a 'Houten vlaggenmast.' So, all the flag lovers in the world, flaunt your lovely and inspirational flag using a 'Flagpole 6 meters wood' from '' The flag is a sign of our unity. We should never ever use it as a weapon versus somebody, else I resonate so deeply with the individual who wrote in Dred Scott Journal, "We need to never ever value the sign over the important things that it represents. We ought to never ever value a piece of cloth over human life. If you are ever going to use a piece of believed as a weapon, you need to never ever use this one.".

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