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Bio:I am a lawyer. I have just shifted to a new office recently. The older one was cramped up, and it was time to invest in more space. As soon as I found a suitable room for rent, I shifted the office there. My employees were thrilled to have a larger working space. They felt more comfortable and could arrange their office supplies and files neatly. It made everything more accessible.
I was happy to see the difference in the productivity levels. It happened ever since we moved into the new office. Then one day, I noticed one of my employees shifting around in his chair. He looked uncomfortable. I asked him if he was unwell and wanted to take some time to rest. He said that he was fine and would continue with his work. However, he had a backache that was lingering for days. He asked me if he could bring his cushion to work.
That is when I realized that I needed to invest in better office furniture. I had taken things for granted, and we were using the old office furniture for years. It was time for an upgrade. I began to look online for affordable ergonomic chairs and came across a site called Their steelcase chairs were excellent, so I ordered them. My employees were thrilled with the new chairs, and I was thrilled to see the difference it had made to them.

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