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Structures, Arrays, and 'no match for operator[]'
Yes, in your 'init' function you will need to do something like: [code] myList.elems = new int[size]...

Structures, Arrays, and 'no match for operator[]'
That's because operator '[]' is not defined for type intArray.

How to run/debug c++ project (in eclipse) on remote linux server from windows?
VNC is for GUI (OP said Linux box is command-line only). Install gcc/gcc-c++ on the Linux box and c...

Overloading Operators and Class Inheritance
I think you may need to do it this way: [code] class Rectangle: public Shape2D { // code }; [/code]

Static function?
Also, this may be not-so-obvious, where you defined the 'hello()' function you may need to write it ...

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