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reverse c_string question using pointers
There are easier solution [code] template<class BiIter> void reverse(BiIter first, BiIter last) { ...

Can't stand with c-style resource management
Without RAII [code] #include <iostream> #include <new> int main() { int *arr = nullptr; in...

Removing characters from a string
[code] void removeDots(std::string &x) { auto it = std::remove_if(std::begin(x),std::end(x),[](cha...

Repeat Character Array
you could use std::sort and std::unique to get rid of those repeat characters and count how many rep...

Anything wrong with this c++ code?
Two errors 1 : int foundIndex = linearSearch(arr, Size, SearchNum); change arr[] to arr 2 : int l...

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