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URGENT!! background color in c++ using <conio.h>
this is not in c. it's in c++. we use the following: #include<iosteam.h> #include<conio.h>

URGENT!! using cprintf and cscanf, cout and cin in c++
Hi! My teacher said that when we use gotoxy, we cannot use cout anymore. she said that we should o...

URGENT!! background color in c++ using <conio.h>
Hi! How am I supposed to change the entire color of the background? When I do like this: [code] ...

URGENT! c++ "Multinacci" series
Hi! It seems thatour teacher really expects us to put a limit to the number of inputs from the user...

URGENT! c++ "Multinacci" series
honestly speaking, i don't understand your posts :( i just made a program that's limited to 10 input...

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