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Name:Sean Ryan
Location:Penarth, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Bio:I am a first year software engineering student, a bit longer in the tooth than most of my classmates and a fair bit wiser.

With a history in PC repair and Private Hosting for the legendary CounterStrike 1.6, I enjoy two kinds of computer activity, hacking (RPi fan and love trying my hand at challenging stuff) and server-play (setting up servers, just for the hell of it sometimes and pulling the most performance out of the least kit!)

I am just beginning my software engineering story, after years of trying to get into a good university, I have made it and am eager to learn.

I look forward to all experiences computer related and would love to chat over a pot of hacker fuel with fellow software engineers that may have more experience than I, teach me the ways and I will repay you in man hours when / if I ever reach your level.

I'm a relatively social nerd, even IRL so drop me a line if you want to chat, I love meeting new people and learning about them!


Sean Ryan (tech1337)
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