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Bio:I'm learning C++ slowly but surely. I'm planning to learn the library SFML so I can begin work on games. I suck at object-oriented programming but am slowly growing better, and I am relatively good at finding errors in code. Hoping to learn either PHP or HTML and perhaps learn how to build websites.
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April's fool
I thought that David Hasselhoff photobomb thing was an april fools prank. By google http://googlebl...

FAQ update
@Duoas nice work on the FAQ it looks really well done and informative. Keep up the good work

Name that game character
Are we allowed to ask the person who the character is if we can't get it? Because I don't think we'r...

Name that game character
Wasn't all your base are belong to us a mistranslation?

Name that game character
All I know is the badly translated line from that game.