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Write access violation
I got a code like this [code] #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> #def...

Unhandled exception
I've tried to converted the numbers into integers, but all I get was: Unhandled exception. The outpu...

Unhandled exception
[code] int t = 0, g = 0, a = 0, j = 0, s = 0; out << "Time,Gender,Age,Job,Subject\n"; for (int...

Unhandled exception
I have already fix it! There is no choice but doing like this: [code] // time string hour = f[i]...

Unhandled exception
How can the problem be fix? Or I have to do like: f[i].age == "14" && f[i].age == "15"... and so on?