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How to solve SIGSEGV fault error?
Thank you for your response. Yes, sorry for being short in my problem description. This is the orig...

How to solve SIGSEGV fault error?
Greetings all, I have problems with a program, which builds successfully (0 errors/warnings), but c...

How to build a program in IDE, with information from makefile that built it (in msys mingw)
Greetings all, I used msys64 - mingw32 (on Windows 7, 64 bit) to build a 3rd party library (https:/...

Application built with makefile works fine, but same code built in IDE crashes
*Bump, if I may

Trying to use two functions
[code] bool isNum(int number, int digit) { bool num; if ((digit==1) || (digit ==2) || (digi...