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__attribute__((packed)) misuse?
Peter87, I'm in a x64 win. Might that be the reason? AbstractionAnon, Not possible to change the or...

__attribute__((packed)) misuse?
I'm trying to limit the size of struct/enum by means of the __attribute__((packed)): [code] enum...

How to compute CRC of "05 08" to get "9e 17"?
Using the function below to compute the crc of unsigned char tmp[] = {0x05, 0x08}, I got "b6 bb". Bu...

Using Cygwin compilers in Qt Creator
Is it possible to use Cygwin compilers in Qt Creator (considering that Qt Creator is installed norma...

How to change the cell text color in a QTableView?
It seems that the value could be retrieved with [code]double d = this->record(index.row()).value(i...