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Let msys2 configure find mingw gcc/g++
I suggest you delete the separate MinGW and install it properly in MSYS2 via [b]pacman[/b]: [output...

Install Dev-Cpp
You will not install Dev-C++ in Linux. Even if you were using Windows it would not be recommended to...

C++17 upgrades you should be using in your code
The C++ Tutorial[1] on this website is C++98. Mentioning the range-based for loop isn't enough to up...

C++11 concurrency: tutorials, reading resources?
Bump, do you have suggestions for tutorials or books aside for the above links? And if the site staf...

C++11 concurrency: tutorials, reading resources?
Hello I need some idiot-proof tutorials or books on the topic of concurrency in C++11 and later. The...

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