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GUI objects creation/deletion
In Qt, a child is normally owned by the parent. This is the point of passing the [tt]this[/tt] point...

Doubt in printing memory address of first element in array
This is the idea: [code] #include <array> #include <iostream> int main(void) { int aFoo[100]; ...

execute a function while in a breakpoint
What other things you want to do on this function/code branch you want to execute while the program ...

I am trying to merge binary files
[quote][code]while( ( c = fgetc(input_file) ) != EOF ) fputc( c, output_file ) ;[/code][/quote] Thi...

I am trying to merge binary files
1. Your [tt]read()[/tt] function does not read the contents of [tt]pFile[/tt] and [tt]pFile2[/tt] to...