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Implicitly converting int to std::vector<>::size_type
Thanks for pointing that out! Silly me, it happens that in some other places in the code, some [tt]...

seperating the memebers in the string
I suppose the "proper result" that you wish to get is an array (or a linear structure) of strings th...

I need help with a program using a repetition structure which displays a pattern of asterisks.
While the recursive solution works perfectly, it is perhaps more intuitive to look at the non-recurs...

Implicitly converting int to std::vector<>::size_type
Hi all, I'm writing my own code for data manipulation on text files, where data are arranged as col...

endl, \n, clrscr()
"The C++ standard" refers to the international ISO C++ standard. If a function/expression/marcro/wha...

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