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Is this code Right?
I mean [code] enum MyEnum{a, b, c, d} struct MyStruct { int a; int &operator()(MyEnum) }; int ma...

Is this code Right?
But for istance if i do this [code] enum MyEnum{a, b, c} int main() { int a = 0; std::cout << a; }...

Is this code Right?
Well: [code] enum MyEnum{a, b, c, d, e}; int main() { std::cout << a; [/code] just works fine, i...

Inizialize object in class
Let's suppose i have this: [code] class A { public: A(char*); } class B { public: B(...

How to best download libc++ for clang?
libc++ is not currently supported in Windows. So i would reccomend to use the gcc library(MinGw) an...

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