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MFC: how set context menu checked?
here's my menu bar: Element --> Line, Rect... It get checked each time I choose one Element. I copy...

VS 2012 MFC context menu
before 2012 I just modify the C**App::OnPreLoadState() part, initial it has a edit context menu, and...

MFC: how to create a NULL BRUSH
I think this would work, but I think it's not good enough. [code] CBrush* oldBrush; if(m_brushStyl...

MFC: how to create a NULL BRUSH
here's part of my class code, the problem is that I can create a null brush, the BS_NULL can't be a ...

c++ ostream problem
I wrote these code in VS 2012, and the result puzzles me. [code] #include <iostream> int main(voi...

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