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What did i do wrong about nested if?
I don't think you quite understand how this works, then again if you did I guess you wouldn't be pos...

Pointer to a 2D array; to put "x"
lol, I didn't even see Little Bobby Tables post, it's so small. not that small is a bad thing, if yo...

Pointer to a 2D array; to put "x"
why would it do that? the 'X' replaces the ' ' not catenate to it. this bit that i put together seem...

Pointer to a 2D array; to put "x"
placing the 'x' is a piece of cake: [code] int a=5; int b=5; GameMap[a][b] = "x"; [/code] now all yo...

Calculating the function and checking its domain
this took me a bit to think of but if i remember right it has to do with the double not really being...