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Mystified by "error: expected unqualified-id before 'using'"?
So, I feel dumb for beating my head against a wall for half an hour on this, so I figured I'd share ...

Frustration with first foray into template classes.
I am a newb to C++'s template class mechanism and am having problems with something probably has a s...

NCURSES ACS_* constants don't play nicely with mvchgat()...?
[b](@TEDickey)[/b] That did the trick; thanks! I guess the connection between constants named [b]AC...

Breaking a double loop?
[b](@ne555)[/b] LOL, I shouldn't try to answer these things late at night. x.x

Access a Class Object Created in a Constructor
[b](@ne555)[/b] durr durr careless durr durr fixed thank you

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