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Aborted (core dumped)
Hi, all, maybe i forget to post the other two files. ListBase.h [code] 1 #ifndef _LISTBASE_H_ 2 ...

inheritance problem
@maeriden No, [output]Each instance has access only to its own private and protected members[/output...

Aborted (core dumped)
Hi, I am trying to implement a linked list. Here's my code: [code] 1 #include <sstream> 2 #in...

inheritance problem
@maeriden Ok. here's my code. LIstBase.h [code] 1 #ifndef _LISTBASE_H_ 2 #define _LISTBASE_H_ ...

inheritance problem
Let's say i have two classes, A and B. [code] class A{ protected: _member; ... } clas...

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