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Generate N Perfect Numbers???PART II
The method of rapid generation ago by Euclid np=(2^(n-1))*((2^n)-1), n is number prime, that's what ...

Generate N Perfect Numbers???
EXAMPLE: 1 6 2 28 3 496 4 8128 5 33550336 6 8589869056 7 137438691328 8 23058430081...

How to deploy all solutions of a Diophantine equation.
How to deploy all solutions of a Diophantine equation, knowing that x1, x2, x3 ... xn, and x1, x2, x...

How to generate all possible combinations?
Example combinations without repetition: Check-in: 4 Check out: 1,2,3,4 12,13,14,23,24,34 ...

Algorithm Flood fill.... CODE?
Pleas code Algorithm Flood fill... No Objects No Class Yes Fuctions Yes STLs

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