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function behaves differently if included from header
Hi I have a fairly simple function whose output appears to change depending upon whether the functi...
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cout and printing strings
hi guys, so a simple question that has me thinking #include <iostream> using namespace...
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tips for developing header only libraries?
Hi I'm developing a library which makes use of a core template class. Thus, the library is header o...
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Accessing Class info in a Linked List
My question has mostly to do with my printRecord function here. I have no idea how to access the in...
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by nakash
2 dimensional arrays
hi, so i have been tasked with creating a dictionary application using c++ and im a beginner to codi...
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What's the proper way of including cpp libraries?
Hi!.. I've tried many times to add external libraries to my projects but I don't know what to do whe...
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cant understand oop concept properly
hi , is been like 6 months of me trying to understand oop but nothing... like how it's possible th...
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2d arrays
Need some help pals, let us say that we have a square matrix and the task is to display the first 2 ...
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Active window text
I'm getting handle and title of active window HWND hwnd = GetForegroundWindow(); GetWindowTex...
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Can someone explain this nested for loop? int result{}; if (vec.size() > 1) { ...
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by mbozzi
C++ help
You removed the content of your prior thread. This forum is public specifically so that others may ...
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by romey
Bool value seemingly ignored in if statement
When I run my code, it is processing past the if statements whether or not they are being evaluated ...
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by jerryd
Font for text to file
cplusplus forum, I'm writing some alpha numeric text out to a file with my program and would l...
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by jonnin
Is it possible to install Visual Studio on an externa HD?
I don't know about the full version; my gut tells me that it has registry and path and OS level crap...
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Problem with boolean search function.
I am currently writing a program for an assignment in data structures class. The assignment says "Wr...
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by Grime
std::cin >> string and EOF
#include <iostream> #include <string> int main() { std::string input; std::string output; in...
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please help
Add a for loop that will:  generate a number of 1's and 2's as requested by the user  add u...
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Recommand async io library/framwork?
I have a program to write data to multiple files and want write different files in parallel. That...
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New to virtual methods
I am working through Sam's Teach Yourself C++ For Linux In 21 Days. Yes, it's an OLD book (Copyrigh...
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CodeBlocks question
I have a program for a course that requires C++ code and the output be assembly. With optimization l...
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