C++ Mentor - am I doing it the right way ?

I just completed a tutorial on YouTube- I kinda have a grasp over what he thought through out

Next , I want to go through a C++ Textbook ( about 700 pages).

I really need a mentor - I'm not sure this route I'm taking is the best way to improve my chances of mastering this language !

I'd really appreciate your inputs, I'm navigating fully off Finance and it's been somehow challenging .

Thanks in anticipation 😊🥰

Important questions: which tutorial did you go through, and which textbook do you want to use? C++ has changed a lot over the years, and in addition to there being a lot of outdated material, there's also a lot of material that's just… bad.

C++ is probably the language where the most oldest stuff is around, so it's really important that you get up to date teaching material. I am doubtful that you can find a mentor teaching you for free, but of course you can still try.

BTW. Why do you want to learn C++? What are your plans?
Have a look at https://www.learncpp.com/

A particular video on YouTube from Giraffe Academy 🥺🥺

Gaming first

Enterprise Software Development
Seeplus , I will check this out

Many thanks 🥰
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