elevator control

i need to code an elevator to record the number of people get off on each floor and a system override key for the specisl floors like the ceo's office .should i use an overload function for the floor and camera defination code which excludes the people who remain in the elevator
Excluding all people from an elevator, just because one person asked them to?
Don't become a sysadmin, I have one like this at school... It's not pretty.

Anyway: It's probably worth using something like a vector, or a linked list for these kinds of situations, as for the CEOs code, a key that changes every day/week is pretty good. What would the camera do? Detect whether more than one person is in the lift? Couldn't you just count that with the linked list/vector?

It's kind of vague as to what you actually want done here, but I hope that I can help
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