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Senior Front-end & Mobile Software Engineer

To apply for this role please go to https://scouterecruit.net/jobs/129576

About ATB Ventures
An extension of ATB Financial, ATB Ventures is an organization that fuels the creativity behind technologies that are keeping ATB, its customers, and Alberta at the forefront of innovation. Today our team's mission is being championed by a team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and business operators who have been building emerging solutions from scratch which include Open ATB> Open AI, Open Data, API Sandbox, Oliu (Self-Sovereign Digital ID platform), and Proof (Digital credential wallet) to name a few.

ATB Venture's success is thanks to the hard work of our diverse team. We encourage our people to explore their creativity within a working environment where there is the freedom to both try new things and to grow. We reward our team with competitive salaries, incredible benefits, the opportunity to work on new and exciting technologies, as well as a culture that is all about creating the right conditions for innovation to thrive. Great Place to Work® also named us as the #1 Best Place to Work on its 2020 list of Best Workplaces™ in Canada. ATB placed first in the category of companies with more than 1,000 employees working in Canada.

An Opportunity to Innovate
ATB Ventures currently has an exciting opportunity for both a Senior Mobile Software Engineer and a Senior Front-end Software Engineer to join our team on a full-time basis. Our team is based out of Calgary, Alberta but we are open to these roles operating on a remote basis.

As our new Senior Mobile Software Engineer, you'll be responsible for building mobile applications and their underlying SDKs that can be reused in other applications. This role will require you to always be conscious of the total cost of development so that you can weigh the benefit of using technologies that allow cross-platform deployment from a single codebase versus native OS solutions.

As our new Senior Front-end Software Engineer, you'll be responsible for the translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code in order to produce the visual elements of the applications. This role will see you working with the UI/UX designer as you bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation by taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works.

More About You
In order to qualify for this role, you will need a Graduate Degree in Engineering, Science, or a related field along with at least 4 years of experience in architecting and developing scalable, responsive front-end/UI frameworks for platforms.

About the Benefits
In exchange for your hard work and dedication, you will be rewarded with a competitive salary based on qualifications and experience. As one of Canada's best places to work we also offer all of our team an excellent package. You can find full details of our benefits package by clicking here but some of the highlights of our package include:
-Access to a flex benefit program including medical, dental, and prescriptions through the Alberta Blue Cross.
-Team member mortgage rates available upon commencement.
-Discounted rates and fees on MasterCard products as well as other ATB products
-Access to ATB's flexible pension plan.
-Opportunities for career progression down defined paths within our organization.

To apply for this role please go to https://scouterecruit.net/jobs/129576
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