FREE Microsoft goodies...

Been afk for a long time, not really just getting busy with coding. Anyway I stumbled upon this while browsing: Normally I get free gear directly via MSDN anyway being my university is signed up for a different system than the one I am listing here, but turns out my teacher can sign up for this one as well, so it means I get multiple cd keys of every MS product, Included is Visual Studio ultimate 2010 :)

for some reason that silly link isn't clickable so you have to copy paste... (I'm guessing because its https( secure, not http))

Just signup using your typical msn acc, and then select your school and give you email of that school, if you don't have an email or your not at a school call up the local network guy and tell him the deal and ask him to create one for you, most will.
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Hmm... I'll download Ultimate 2010 when I get home. What's so ultimate about it? :)
You sir, are a King amongst men.
It is always good to be able to obtain software free.

My thanks and appreciation sincerely.
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