Identify this song in video

Does anyone recognize the music in this video? I can't get music recognition software to identify it...

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It's probably just library bedding music. It's generic, instrumental, inobtrusive, repetitive, and lasts long enough to cover most of a 14-minute video without doing anything too unusual to distract from the content it's bedding.

I doubt it's been released as anything other than a library of music to be licensed for just this sort of thing.

EDIT: And why not try contacting the author of the video directly? He's helpfully put his name under the video, along with the URL of the website. I'm sure he'd be pleased to know you enjoyed his video, if nothing else, and may be happy to look up the piece of music he used.
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Maybe it's the work of Emily.
I've made several youtube videos, and I go through tons of generic music trying to find one to fit in the video. The biggest issue with some of these people creating copyright-free music is that it's hard to find, and then it's hard to find even if you're listened to it. Especially true when the song has no lyrics at all, making the name of the song probably something vague and hard to guess.
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