Faster than light Neutrino.

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Kid no 1:
I believe the fastest thing in the world is light,
because, when you close the switch, the room
is illuminated almost simultaneously.

Kid no 2:
Nonsense. The fastest thing in the world
is thought, because it occurs instantly.

Kid no 3:
You both are wrong.

The fastest thing in the world is having to take a
dump, because, when it happens, you don't have
time for either thinking or switching the lights on.
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That's a relief, though FTL travel would have been nice...
I never liked the neutrinos anyway. Photons are way cooler.
Really? Neutrinos are pretty cool. They are so small that they fly straight through the earth, often without hitting a single atom on the way.
Light comes in colors!
actually colors come in light
Colour does not exist.
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Neither does anything else, when we're not looking.
waaaaaat? o_O
Which what?
Colour is just the way our eyes interpret different wavelengths of light.

Humans and dogs, for example, interpret colours in completely different ways:
Neither is right or wrong, just different. It serves us an evolutionary benefit to see all those different colours, but they aren't useful to dogs (it's probably linked to the difference in primary sense - ours is vision and theirs is smell (maybe if you compared the human "smell spectrum" against the dog "smell spectrum", the dogs' one would be more vibrant? It's weird to think that sensory interpretation isn't universal)).
Well basically, when you're not looking, anything else does AND doesn't exist.

Gratz to he (or she :P) who knows what I meant.
Well, nothing exists until we observe it
How would you know without observing it?

Something about a cat?
Death is just an alternate state of energy.
The cat is still.
Well, nothing exists until we observe it

I don't think it's quite that simple.

Also, with regard to, e.g., Schroedinger's cat, bear in mind that observation need not involve a person. For example, with the double slit experiment, one can change the photon's path and thus remove or add the interference pattern by looking which slit the photon goes through. A machine checks this and it doesn't matter whether you're watching.
Yeah, but that's like removing the poison (or deliberately unleashing it) in the box, it removes the point of the experiment.
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