Today is my 21st, what alcohol should I buy

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I'd recommend a nice cognac, can't go wrong with that!
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I would go with some Jagermeister and redbull or if you got some money to spend buy some Hennessy, Hpnotiq, and a little bit of pineapple juice and mix a Incredible hulk. One of my favorite shots its got a fruity taste but a killer kick so only take one shot since you can't drink to much.

Happy birthday!!
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I ended up getting cinnamon spice kahlua and putting it in espresso.

Oh, also a big ol bowl of high grade marijuanaz. Cause it's pot day ;)
Happy birthday! My 21st was just last weekend. I just went out to wild wings with the family and my girlfriend and ordered a beer. Nothing too exciting :)
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I got wasted all the time before I was 21 at college and high school parties but for some reason once I turned 21 I basically just stopped drinking don't know why it just lost its appeal to me for some reason.

Now I'll have a drink or shot every once in a while when I go out to eat or go to the bar or clubs with friends but that is rare.
you born on international pot day XD
I'd recommend a Guinness. Cheers!
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Tiffy wrote:
Just because you're 21 doesn't mean you have to drink alcohol.

Besides, most try it before 21.

Like me ;D. I just take part of my dad's collection of Caribbean Rum (He's Jamaican) and mix it all together. I get knocked out in one day. Also, I get some weed and light it up in addition. I never slept for so long after that.

I once tried to make a still, Im a shit plumber though, if you like rum you will love the "rotorvapor" it is a 3000k device that infuses alchohol with flavors and can double up as a still, its safe because it uses vaccumes to lower boiling points and waterbaths to save from naked flame=>gas explotions,

muscavado sugar is about the lowest in potentially toxic chemicals (pectin and tannin) when fermented, and with the same device you can infuse those spices into your home made rum whatever they are!

and make aromachems! if your a good chef you will know that that is a cool as thing
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the Kraken and Sailor Jerry's are both 47% and 46% respectively, here at least.
Well, I've discovered that I can never agree on a bottle of wine with my dad and will always agree on a bottle of wine with my mom. It would appear I like my wine white and sweet.

I've also discovered what 76% THC feels like.
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Can anyone figure out what's wrong with my post?
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Your 12 years old and getting wasted off your ass and smoking weed?
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Yes. That is it. It seemed like you guys didn't acknowledge my sarcasm.

BTW I seriously never drank a drop of alcohol, nor did any drugs whatsoever.
LOl fredbill every one just thought "kids these days",

I didn't doubt you nor blink I just thought you were very hedonistic for a 12 year old :D

TBH twelve to thirteen year olds took speed and moved on to ecstacy, but this is in the countryside in devon, drugs are big in wild or deprived areas
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Yeah, I know a few people who smoke weed, I just stay away from them.
yeah avoid for now but don't judge it wont help
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So you're saying avoid drugs *for now*? Lol.
well you heard rules are for fools but guidelines are for the wise?

didn't want to be another voice telling you whats what.
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