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need help with this multiple choice question.

When the process issues an I/O request:
c. it is placed in job queue
d. it is placed in a waiting queue
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If you have access to a Unix machine, run "top" and check the name of the process with PID = 1.

You'll also get the same answer if you use a Linux Distro that doesn't use systemd.
Questions, like those, tend to follow a text that did (attempt to) describe the concepts and therefore test whether text was consumed sufficiently.

I've never read such texts, so I have no idea what a "i/o queue" is.

The "top" does by default show most active processes.
IMHO, "ps" gives a more usable list of processes for this use.
ps axfu

If distro has systemd, then read
man systemd
I'll guess that the "job queue" is what I think it normally called the "run queue" - the queue of jobs that are ready to run and are waiting for a CPU. In that case, the process is put on the waiting queue. That's the queue of processes that are waiting for some sort of event to happen. In this case the event is for the I/O to complete.
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