To clean up all Linux orphan links

How to clean up all orphan symbolic links by shell CLI ?
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I searched your title, first result linked to the following page:

is that what you're looking for?
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Some distros provide Linux file utility: symlinks
Title        =symlinks - scan/change symbolic links
Version      =1.4
Desc1        =Scans directories for symbolic links, and identifies dangling,
Desc2        =relative, absolute, messy, and other_fs links.  Can optionally
Desc3        =change absolute links to relative within a given filesystem.
Author       =Mark Lord

Usage:	symlinks [-cdorstv] dirlist

Flags:	-c == change absolute/messy links to relative
	-d == delete dangling links
	-o == warn about links across file systems
	-r == recurse into subdirs
	-s == shorten lengthy links (displayed in output only when -c not specified)
	-t == show what would be done by -c
	-v == verbose (show all symlinks)
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