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User name:Cubbi
Name:Sergey Zubkov
Location:Long Island, NY, USA
Bio:First language: PDP-11 assembly
Favorite language: modern C++

Education: Ph.D. in chemistry
1996: scientific software (phys. chemistry)
2000: OS development (hard real-time/military)
2002: scientific research (biochemistry)
2005: real-time C++ (transportation/city infrastructure)
2012: large scale infrastructure C++ (finance)

I taught programming in college and published a couple books (in Russian: )

I wrote much of and continue to keep it up-to-date (along with its other admins)

I also participate, as an editor, in

I said some things at conferences:
Cppcon 2017 (English)
C++Russia 2017 (Russian)
Cppcon 2016 (English)

Opinions are my own and do not represent the position of my employer.
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Birthdate:Feb 18, 1976
Number of posts:4735
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