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If you are a complete beginner and cannot swim at all, then you can start from the shallow pool first. By starting from a shallow swimming pool, the risk of drowning and excessive fear can also be eliminated. Besides, starting the exercise in a shallow pool it will also make it easier for you to do a series of exercises either from the coach's long-distance instructions or from direct and close guidance. Additionally, if it's still hard for you to float, you can try to use a pull buoy.

The first step you need to do is simply take a walk, sit in the water, soak your body, and throw away your sense of prestige. You need to take this one step to familiarize yourself with water and understand how to float slowly with ease. After you are accustomed and comfortable in the water and are not afraid of water too, then it's time for you to try to get used to a pool that is deeper than before. Try to get yourself into a deeper pool where the water is the shoulder or armpit level. Nevertheless, if you still fear that level of depth, then try to adapt to the depth of the armpit or shoulder gradually or repeatedly until the fear you have can disappear. So that you are used to the water. In a pool with a deeper depth than before, you can practice by slowly dipping all limbs. Do it many times until you get used to it and are not surprised by the water.

As mentioned earlier, if you still have a fear of water, then you can dip the whole body into the water by holding your breath slowly and exhaling slowly over the surface of the water. If you are still afraid to do it in a deep pool, then you can try it first in a shallow pool by holding on to the edge of the pool. After that, you can do this by placing your face on the surface of the water and exhaling until you produce bubbles in the water. Then you can stand back up and breathe normally in the free air.

The method is not as difficult as it is assumed by most beginners who are trying to learn to swim. Among other things, you can do this by holding on to the edge of the pool. Then it can be continued by taking a deep breath after that lift your legs while your body leans back. Don't get tense so that your body can float in a relaxed manner.

Even though this one step takes a lot of trial and error, you still have to practice continuously until you can float for a minimum of 15 to 30 seconds. Next, try to float slowly without holding on to the edge of the pool to improve your bravery too.

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