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Bio:The empirical method of gender research should enrich the theory about it. The empirical method confirms the existence and significance of
facts, real events, concrete actions, presence of quantitative and qualitative parameters in the analysis of gender situations. Gender theory interprets, explains, generalizes them, gives them a scientific interpretation. This method opens positive and negative experiences
gender activities. It is the basis for social theories of gender, confirming or disproving certain theoretical models or schemes. Its application gives an idea of real historical changes, certifying through certain parameters the direction of gender development, its progressive direction or
regressive changes, confirming the correctness of the recommendations
regarding gender transformation, gender specifying changes in
time and space.
The prognostic method in the study of gender is due to
the need to answer the questions would determine the perspective of gender development, taking into account the gender situation in
country in general. In the new conditions of the transition period of our society, the prognostic function of gender knowledge is growing. Possible
to state that the theory of gender only forms a paradigm within which the vision and interpretation of existing gender relations is possible. Advanced knowledge of gender as components
forecast of social development, will lead to a rethinking of the content of many key categories: social culture, the subject
political power, optimality and efficiency of management and
organization, social policy and more. These categories will not be available
treat women as partners without learning about gender culture
in the system of subjects of power, without considering the elite through the prism
women's intelligence and women's intellectual potential
Gender policy as a component of all policies and the like

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