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Bio:Managers and Stalkers must quit as well as become unseen, then await the Landmine to come to be noticeable again prior to assaulting. One more strategy for this container, though high-risk, is to head to a jampacked area as well as strike challengers that are sidetracked. Any type of container that is busy combating one more tank can be struck, however players should prepare to get away if their health is diminished. It is advised to rapidly barge in the area and attack the first tank seen. If the gamer still has a good amount of health remaining, then attacking other containers is a great option.
Overlords and also Necromancers ought to keep their Drones near to and also in front of their storage tank to make sure that they will certainly familiarize a Landmine when near to one. Once mindful, border the enemy with Drones to kill it, which is particularly very easy for Necromancers.

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