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Comparing case insensitive char array.
If you read that IBM page, you will see that it specifies "Language level: Extension". That means t...

Strange number with fn pow
You haven't shown the declaration of P, Y or S. If P is an [code]int[/code], you're going to be doin...

Subjective Styles Questionnaire!
• How do you pronounce "char"? the beginning of character. • Do you prefer "S-Q-L" or "sequel"? ...

CDF problem with <cmath>
Line 89: Extraneous / Line 132, 139: N appears to be a function call, but I see no such function....

How do i make the board reprint with an X if there is a match
Your initBoard function seems a little unorthodox. Line 19: You do realize this is always going to...