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nested class
Try this: [code] flight1(Date(1,1,1), Time(1,1), Date(1,1,1), Time(1,1), "ORK", "LTH", 480); [/code]...

Search Array
A[0] is tested correctly on line 37. Not on line 39. When line 39 is reached, x has already been...

missing type specifier error
Simply move lines 104-109 to before line 4. Lines 13,18,28,34: missing ; Line 48: value is not a...

Class exercise
[quote] I copied and pasted 3 separate files[/quote] At least you used code tags. :)

nested class
[code] Flights (Date depdate, Time deptime, Date arrdate, Time arrtime, string deptAir, string arriv...