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Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. It will run but when it does they all say incorrect and 0%.
Please post the data files you're using. A couple of obvious problems: 1) You're using the same f...

I used printf and scanf in c++ codeblocks now trying to change Variables to cout and cin lots of issues with my change machine
Yes, your cin and couts are better. You have a problem with change and remainder though. Line 18...

Class called in a class
Approach #2 is very straight forward. I gave you an example of that above. [code] void team::set_w...

I Don't know what these errors mean
I don;t have access to pastebin from this machine. My comments are to your previous post. Line 13...

Finding a problem
[quote]Once I input something, nothing happens, and still asks for another input.[/quote] You call g...