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const vs. #define
As added clarification: The right-hand side of both lines, [code]int ros = 12 * 3.14159;[/code] [c...

Not returning how many days are in the month
A few items: [b]1.[/b] What is the point of having the [i]days[/i] member in your date class? It ap...

counting characters in object of class
Since the [i]that [/i]parameter in your copy constructor is [b]const[/b], the compiler will not let ...

How do I take a string of characters and sum their ascii values?
Since a character is an integral type, you can just use accumulate which is in <numeric>: [code]#in...

Ship Class Misunderstanding Problem
Also, you have defined two different [i]Ship [/i]classes, in one of which [i]year [/i]is a string an...

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