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BBC There have been multipl...

How can I make this function run faster?
I am not an expert on SQLite and have not used it in a while, however: When bulk importing data, lo...

Error 1 error C2447: '{' : missing function header (old-style formal list?)
Line 37 [code]cin<<x[i];[/code] Change to [code]cin[b]>>[/b]x[i];[/code] As a pneumonic aid, think...

Anyone heard of the story of mel?
This was published in [i]The New Hacker's Dictionary[/i] compiled by Eric S. Raymond, second edition...

Two Conditions For "if"
Actually, [i]helnow [/i]didn't quite read your post correctly. His example checks a=1 [b]or[/b] b=2....

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