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Name:Anthony Hernandez
Location:Irving, Texas
Bio:I've been codding since I was 16 in my first year of high school. I am currently in my Junior year of Undergraduate school studying Games and Simulation programming at DeVry. I love to tutor and help people build a strong base understanding of programming. I figure I should return the favor my public school gave me to those who aspire to learn the art of programming

If you ever want to contact me about any questions please email me at: nandez52@gmail.com
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Looping Question
I think the biggest thing that will help with your design is to make it modular with functions. For ...

tic tac toe game
No problem! I wanted to let you know that I will use a similar program like this one and change it ...

Looping Question
ok, That's a very basic design concept that you need to be able to develop on your own. If I were t...

finding location of array
you're right. My eyes just went past sort. I thought it was his own defined function. I think we've ...

nikita 19, you declare a function as private then want to access it publicly... declare it as public...

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