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convert 2d character array to 2d integer array
simply what i want to know is if i can take a 2d array of characters and convert them to a 2d array ...

College Applications
First off I am a high school senior and am from California and am going to be applying to a few Cali...

Anyone Know much about Robotc?
Don't really have a code question but this is my code. This is my first robot. It is called square b...

RPG game (Arrays, Structs Message boxes) (Allegro 5)
To start with, I am making an RPG (rogue like more or less) and it is all made using the the console...

Made a tic tac toe game Allegro 5 and i need help
I am not sure. but can i solve this by adding a timer to the program? i will try that tomorrow. havi...