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Name:Austin Jenkins
Location:Idaho, USA
Bio:I love computers, I started out with simpler classes like PC Support, then Networking and Security+. Programming has made me "hard core" in the little computer geeks group. I greatly enjoy it, despite what little experience I have.
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Reading Large Binary File
I could be wrong, but I don't think there's really any way to allocate that much memory in one block...

What does :: do?
^ Generally I'd tend to avoid having to use the global namespace in the first place though

What does :: do?
There are plenty of cases where [code]using[/code] is a bad idea, with a commonly used library like ...

What does :: do?
As MiiNiPaa said. One of the only things I'd really feel worth adding is the situation with scoped ...

Unusual activities for a programmer
I'm not sure what should be weird for a programmer. A lot of programmers from my experience have a l...