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OpenGL Window and Texture Errors (SOIL)
I've been getting a really strange bug in my project ever since I ported it from XP to 7. What happe...

Fixing circular dependencies with pointers
My latest attempt: ObjectList.cpp: [code]#ifndef ObjectList_cpp #define ObjectList_cpp #include"Pla...

Adding a string into some text in a window
[code]MessageBoxA(hwnd, Version + " By Dave" , "ABOUT", MB_OK | MB_ICONINFORMATION);[/code] Should ...

Can you help me to find my errors?
The way you have your if-statements arranged, if the top left corner is an "X," no other if statemen...

Project error help
First off, be sure to use code tags like this: [code]//Hello, world[/code] Now, aside form the fact ...

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