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3d gaming - with SFML ?
Ok, I got a plan for making an 3d game. I coded some 2d games with Codeblocks and SFML, c++. My ques...

SFML - sf::rectangle wont show up..?
ok, I tried it, if I remove everything out of the [code]void CArcher::setCoordinates(float pups)[/c...

Ubuntu SFML linking problem.
thanks, if I delete the [code]-d[/code] we have another error :D [code]undefined reference to jpeg_f...

Ubuntu SFML linking problem.
ok, so I deleted the [code]-s[/code] and the [code]SFML_STATIC[/code] but it wont work, error: [code...

Ubuntu SFML linking problem.
I have installed Codeblocks on my Ubuntu, and it wont work with SFML, I linked it like the page [cod...