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Name:Brandonius Maximus
Bio:Hello all, I am a 17 year old programmer who is currently undergoing the advnaced higher project.
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Birthdate:Nov 6, 1995
Visual Basic
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Minesweeper Project
@ Whitenite1 Thank you, it has given me a good idea on how i can do this, I stupidly thought this w...

Minesweeper Project
#whitenite1 Thank you i will try puting that in it has been as you have said going out of bounds. M...

Minesweeper Project
Hey guys i have almost done my minesweeper game can anyone help me on this final part for the player...

Project near deadline please help
Hey guys Iam in a bit of a pickle. My deadline is near and i have taken on too hard a project atm. I...

Help with minesweeper
Hey guys i dont know how to progress to finish off my minesweeper game i have no idea how to match t...

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