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can i convert a class?
can i do macros\class for convert these class: [code]class Button1 : public Button { public: ...

[C\C++32] - how do double buffering?
my image class have the hdcimage with imageweight, imageheight. knowing these, i need return the HB...

win32 - using the WM_MENUSELECT message
i'm trying use the WM_MENUSELECT message for get mouse leave and mouse enter. for mouse enter i use...

how config the Code Blocks?
giblit: i know that. 1st i put it on text box, then i click on button ;)

[C\C++ - win32] - using WM_SYSCOMMAND: can i get the menu handle and position?
using the WM_INITMENUPOPUP message i can get the menu handle: [code] static HMENU menuhandle=NULL; c...