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Why can't my function work the same way as a 1d array?
Wow, that code was pretty obscure. Meaningful variable names go a long way to making readable code. ...

Edit data with .txt file using ID
@ aeroscout Since you are really new to both C++ and programming itself, you might want to put toget...

Anyone knows why it din work
If the concern is about accuracy, the place to start is here: [code]#define PIE 3.14[/code] Also, u...

am confused with the values and the way that error encountered when n>20
It is a slightly strange program design. The code inside main() might have been written like this:[...

Having a segmentation error related to arrays/strings
[quote]but i still have a doubt about i=n-1 instead of n-2;[/quote] I think you are mixed up between...

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