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Name:DeXecipher (Dex)
Bio:I am a c/c++/java programmer.

I spend a lot of time programming. I never count how many lines of code i write because its so bad :P. With two years past it seems at least to myself that I am slowly becoming a jack of trades in the computer field however its impossible to learn (professionally) everything within a profession, so I enrolled at a university. Currently I am pursuing a bachelors of computer science at a university.

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I signed up on a site to contract out my work and it seemed like most of the jobs were for web devel...

what to learn to be more useful
What math's/field should I learn to be a more useful programmer?

no one will help you do illegal things.

What would your life be without Programming
@NateDawg... No one will give a shit about social order after high school anyway.

Game Development
programming is not all, need to learn vector maths as well.