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_wrename in WinApi app.
Anybody here willing to help ? EDIT: I compared errno against the errorcodes that ne555 told me to,...

_wrename in WinApi app.
I already did but that does not help. If i compare 2 as secibd if errirs, aka "NOENT" that means tha...

_wrename in WinApi app.
So i am having bit of a problem. _wrename is not working out for me, and returns bizzare values, ins...

SDL: Project.exe triggered a breakpoint.
Nevermind it was a dumb error, i tried to assign values to clips[1] when obviously there is no clips...

SDL: Project.exe triggered a breakpoint.
Hello. Im trying to set up a simple map editor that saves the x and y positions of blocks to a .txt ...

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