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Bio:I'm an amateur [hobbyist] programmer, mostly experienced in Visual Basic. I recently made the switch to C++ so I can write game programs. I am not a student nor do I program as a profession. I will happily help others with code (if I can) and will link any big projects I come up with for others to learn from.
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Color Palette?
Thanks, this works. In another header (loaded before these colors) I have this, so allegro initiali...

Color Palette?
I am trying to create a reusable color palette. What I have so far doesn't show any errors until ru...

Access to Members of Classes within Classes?
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Access to Members of Classes within Classes?
My question boils down to how do I access a member of a class within another class, that's a member ...

Overriding Methods within Inherited Classes Problem
Wow, so simple. Thank you for your help. I can't believe I missed that.

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