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Bio:I'm an amateur [hobbyist] programmer, mostly experienced in Visual Basic. I recently made the switch to C++ so I can write game programs. I am not a student nor do I program as a profession. I will happily help others with code (if I can) and will link any big projects I come up with for others to learn from.
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Problem with Assigning to Vector!!
Can someone explain to me how I would go about assigning the vector<float> value in the example belo...

Help with assigning values to Vector inside Class
I'm attempting to amend a GRID class I created awhile back to work with a path finding class I'm wor...

Nested class vector index access
Thanks! I got it to work. :)

Nested class vector index access
Thanks to both of you for being so helpful. It's my fault for not explaining my problem more clearl...

cant seem to get this war program to repeat if a tie. Need to give each player one more card if tie.
The only loop in your program is here... (which btw is missing a ; after the while statement) [code]...

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