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Bio:I'm 20. I have been practicing C++ for a couple years.
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Write a program to generate the entire calendar for one year. The program must get two values from the user
This is not a very difficult problem. 1st: use the __isleap macro (provided by the "ctime" header)...

string functions
Are you not allowed to use std::string? All of the functions you're describing have been emplemente...

help!!!!! how can i add values from a loop to a variable?
Is this your code? They are using variables to store the values of input. It really isn't possible...

Nested For Loop: Vertical (*) Triangles
I don't see the issue... Why don't you just [i]try[/i] and solve it first. This really isn't a dif...

new programmer
[b]tannaj2[/b]: Some free IDEs you might want to consider: