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Bio:I'm 20. I have been practicing C++ for a couple years.
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Why can't assembly be cross-platform?
because it's assembly.... it's basically just a wrapper for hexadecimal. You can't get any lower t...

Why all GUI toolkits suck?
Yeah... I'd be willing to write some extra code if it meant a cleaner library. I suppose I don't sp...

Why all GUI toolkits suck?
I think codekiddy is being reasonable. I also think, however, that if he were to see his vision of ...

How I handled a scam...
For being 13, that's not a bad work. To be honest, I think getting those a-holes back does more jus...

Humans Need Not Apply
@LB Yes, it's possible!! Now... where are my replicator schematics?? ;) By the way: Capitalism ...