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Bio:I'm 20. I have been practicing C++ for a couple years.
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tools for web development?
If you want to build a portfolio, I highly recommend using GitHub and Git version control.

I need a batch script or powershell command
Linux: [code]#!/bin/bash #(sudo optional if the folder is not owned by power-user) sudo rm -rf $1[/...

Is piracy considered an act of theft?
It's called piracy because it's stealing... you're taking somthing somone worked to make, that woul...

help picking an OS for an assignment
I'm pointing it out so that mabey he can fix it. Somtimes people don't understand that they aren't ...

Yep, I"m a freaking noob! I broke "Hello World"!
do not use Visual Studio. It will only confuse you if you're a beginnner. Microsoft Visual C++ lik...