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Bio:I'm 20. I have been practicing C++ for a couple years.
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Our IRC channel is moving to Freenode!
I'm with LB on this one...

Chromebook Compiler/ Online Compiler
I went to best buy and bought a dinky little netbook for $250.00. It has 500Gb disk space, and a da...

Do you think memory conservation concerns will be a thing of the past in the future?
My dad said: "When I was in school, we thought that we'd never need more than a kilobyte of ram for ...

Do you think smoking herbs (weed) is a good idea after studying?
Do you think eating a cake after going jogging is a good idea? Your answer is really quite obvious.

Detecting EOF when reading and writing
Since this is a C++ forum, I'm going to give you a C++ answer: