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T *foo = new T;
@ne555 I believe Duoas is referencing the 2010 A-Team film (There is no Plan B) in which Baracus (on...

Why doesn't it run in Release mode?
[quote]If you want to see which warnings are generated (that warning is one of three) clean first, t...

Array (multi-dimensional ?) matrix brain-fart.
As an aside, in the long run I find it simpler to treat 1D arrays as multi-dimensional arrays: [co...

Red Alert. The greatest strategy game of our childhood?
I would say your best bet would be Github, but I can't seem to find any results for that game there....

4x for loop, 2x2D array = Confusion
@ Vlad I'm fully aware of that. Once again, he needs to re-think his logic, for if he does he and sp...