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Bio:Whatsup guys. Im a guy named Johannes, 18 years old and lives in sweden. I love c++ programming but im kind of noob in it. This is the perfect place for me and i hope i can get some answers in here. And maybe help people with even less knowledge than me :)
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Why not initialize your variables?
If you know for sure that the variable created will always be setted before used, there is no point ...

Need a little help debugging
Either define the function before main or announce them in the top and declare them below main. And ...

Need a little help debugging
You are missing clams and you cannot as ^says, define a function within a function. I recommend you ...

Difference between CodeBlocks and Visual C++ in syntax?
Different compilers does not require different syntax. The things you have seen are just other ways ...

How to define 2 values for 1 variable.
Easiest way is to use a struct. [code] struct product{ string name; double price; }...

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