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Bio:Whatsup guys. Im a guy named Johannes, 18 years old and lives in sweden. I love c++ programming but im kind of noob in it. This is the perfect place for me and i hope i can get some answers in here. And maybe help people with even less knowledge than me :)
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QT creator, Same pushbutton with different labels
Works flawless. Thank you guys!

QT creator, Same pushbutton with different labels
Hey guys, Im doing a cardgame in QT c++. And i would like to use the same pushbutton but with differ...

QT creator LNK2019 meaning?
When you say link the files together how do you mean? If you are asking me if i included the files t...

QT creator LNK2019 meaning?
I do have a default constructor for Deals and implemented it 2. This is how it looks right now. [co...

QT creator LNK2019 meaning?
I have been programming in c++ for about six months now. Just recently i started to make a blackjack...

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