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Bio:Whatsup guys. Im a guy named Johannes, 18 years old and lives in sweden. I love c++ programming but im kind of noob in it. This is the perfect place for me and i hope i can get some answers in here. And maybe help people with even less knowledge than me :)
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Menu Based Programs Using Switch.
[code]int myCaseOneMenu(UserSelection) { //THIS IS A MENU // CHOOSE A NUMBER ...

Using a do-while loop to validate input
Yeah i noticed i missunderstood. I thought we wanted the while loop to keep on going, but we don't :...

Using a do-while loop to validate input
[quote]while(abs(B-A)/B <= 0.2 || abs(A-B)/A <= 0.2); I believe that this should be &&.[/quote] Hm...

Look at your row 12: [CODE]if (use == 'c1' || use=='C1')[/CODE] An if-statement is always followed ...

Using a do-while loop to validate input
Ok i dont have any compiler atm so i can't try it out. What exactly do you mean with [b]the grader i...

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